Marc B. Weiter

Marc B. Weiter is the Director of Human Resources/Safety of Gateway Fireworks Displays. Marc is licensed and certified as a pyrotechnician in several states and is a Crew Chief for Gateway Fireworks Displays. Marc has been responsible for recruiting, training and supervising many of our technicians.

Marc began as a Pyrotechnic Technician over 5 years ago, during which time he gained the keen insight needed to serve our company and technical staff. Marc’s experience with pyrotechnics is as varied as being the Lead Technician at the Chicago Navy Pier, to providing special indoor effects in a wedding banquet hall.

In addition to his HR duties, Marc is also the compliance officer, dealing with all federal, state and local officials on matters such as DOT compliance and State Licensing for our Technicians. Marc co-wrote the company training manual for new technicians and he is responsible to ensure that all Gateway technicians receive orientation and training into the safe handling of pyrotechnic product.

Every Gateway Crew Leader must also possess a Commercial Driver’s License with a hazmat endorsement for transporting explosives. Marc ensures that every Gateway Fireworks technician or driver complies with all DOT regulations and that Time and Mileage registers are properly maintained. Marc’s primary goal and objective is in ensuring Gateway Fireworks maintains the highest standard of safety in the industry.