Confetti Cannon Rental St Louis

Gateway Fireworks has both the MiniBlaster CO2 confetti cannon rental as well as Big Shots confetti cannons available for daily rental, weekly rental, as well as corporate or private event rental.  Gateway Fireworks can also provide an operator as well as setup and configuration for display.  We have a wide range of confetti to choose from (both biodegradable and water soluble confetti also available).  Gateway can also provide delivery, setup, and tear down of our confetti cannon rentals equipment upon request.  Additionally, we also have confetti on hand in a wide variety of colors and styles.

st louis confetti cannon rentalBigBlaster™ CO2 Confetti Machine Rental

The MiniBlaster™ is a very versatile confetti machine and can be used in large, medium or small venues. One of our most popular confetti cannons, the MiniBlaster™ is extremely easy to handle and allows easy adjustment to achieve a variety of different confetti effects. No electrical power is required.

Big Shots® CO2 Confetti Machine Rental

Big Shots® are double-barrel confetti cannons that provide a one-time “blast” of confetti or streamers. These Big Shots® cannons shoot streamers of all sizes up to 80 feet (or higher depending on the pressure setting and size of streamer) and confetti up to 50 feet in the air. They can be mounted on ground level or from a truss/ledge to achieve different confetti celebration effects. The Big Shots® use “sleeves” of confetti or streamers. Each barrel holds two sleeves (4 sleeves per cannon/per shot) and they can be mixed – one sleeve of confetti and one sleeve of streamers for various looks. Big Shots® are remotely actuated using a multiple cue control unit. They can be daisy chained together (more than 100) and fired on the same or separate cues to achieve specific confetti effects. These confetti cannons provide their “blast” via a compressed air accumulator tank pressurized to 120 psi using an air compressor.

The solenoid/valve is actuated by electronic input from a 110 VAC power source (can be modified to a 220 VAC, 24 VDC or a 12 VDC power source). The solenoid actuation requires approximately 20 watts each. The Big Shots® can be operated from a lighting board on a non-dim circuit.

Long-term rental rates are available.  Shipping costs are additional.  Please contact a Gateway Fireworks Displays representative to discuss rental and purchase options.