Flame Systems

Gateway Fireworks can provide you with the Dragonfly flame system, complete with multiple heads, a professional operator, permits, and insurance for your next party or event.  The Dragonfly system is a remote controlled flame system that is capable of shooting bursts of up to 25 feet of flame.  These units burn a lot of fuel, so ask about our industrial sized tanks as well.

Dragonfly Flame Systems

The DragonFly system is an economical solution for applications that require a large flame effect up to 30 feet high! The system comes complete with controller, accumulator tank and all cables and hoses. The DragonFly complies with applicable codes and bears the ARL Testing Lab’s certification. It uses a standing pilot system controlled by a Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Module to assure reliable and safe light-off. A  CE listed version is also available.

Gateway also has a flame system that is fueled from Isopar or Isopropyl Alcohol that is propelled by using gas. These units give a much sharper flame than can be achieved with LPG or other gas fueled systems, and when using Isopropyl Alcohol as the main fuel, the system gives a very clean flame that is perfect for indoor use. Colored flame fuel can also be used in this system.  Available colors are: Natural, Orange, Red, Green, Blue and Purple.  This system may require a trained technician to operate, but is available to rent for your next private, corporate, or concert event. This system comes with a professional grade control panel, complete insurance coverage, and a licensed operator available for your next event.

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